Friday, January 30, 2009

The Black Widow

This week we had two murder trials in progress at the same time in our office. The Collins trial ended yesterday with a guilty verdict and the Castor trial is still underway. Castor is a real piece of work.

She has allegedly killed two husbands by poisoning them with antifreeze. When forensic examinations indicated that their deaths were actually murder, she was arrested. Two weeks after her arrest, she tried to divert suspicion by poisoning her own daughter, Ashley Wallace, in a faux suicide attempt complete with a suicide note where Ashley admitted that she killed her father.

These murders and attempt murder occurred over a seven year period; her first husband, Michael Wallace, died in 2000, her second husband, David Castor, died in 2005. She has not been charged in the murder of her first husband. From WSYR:

The 41-year-old Castor, of Clay, faces a maximum of 25 years to life if convicted of second-degree murder in the August 2005 death of her husband David.

She's also accused of trying to kill her 21-year-old daughter, Ashley Wallace, with an overdose of drugs and vodka in September 2007.

The defense rested this afternoon after the Onondaga County DA, Bill Fitzpatrick, tore Castor a new one during his cross examination. We just watched part of the trial on News Channel 10. Castor admits that she didn't see her daughter, Ashley, for 17 hours (after she poisoned her). The next time she saw her, Ashley was being carried out by the ambulance crew and she was drooling.

Bill jumped in with both feet; "And this normal? So she was drooling normally? You have two husbands who died from being poisoned and your daughter was drooling normally?"

The summations are Monday. Perhaps the jury will start deliberations on Tuesday.
This gives a nice overview of the case.

I believe this woman, Stacey Castor, has no soul.

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