Sunday, August 26, 2007


GACK! I have no idea what is popping out of that thing's ass. I never knew mosquitos had an ass or that it could pass Christmas tree ornaments. It looks like it is crapping little mosquito bowling balls. Whatever it is, I hope it hurts.

All mosquitos feed on nectar, but only the female mosquito needs the protein found in blood to lay her eggs. So when she feels in a motherly way, she starts looking for someone to feed on.
She left her purse in the ladies room. I've seen many of these swarming around in bars on warm summer nights.

The average life span of a mosquito is only about a month but some species can last through the winter as eggs, larvae or pupa. The males usually die a few days after mating or when they run out of beer, whichever comes first.
Since about half of their life cycle is spent in the egg, larva and pupa stages, the biting, annoying adult stage of the females usually only lasts for about two weeks or until they hook up with a divorce attorney.

Here is a site that shows the life cycle.

It is just prior to laying her eggs when the female mosquito needs blood. Depending on the species, they can lay a raft of 40 to 200, even 400 eggs every third day! One adult female mosquito living for two weeks can produce anywhere from 200 to 1,600 eggs.

I figure one of my ankles is responsible for about a thousand new baby mosquitos after just one night. I should have a cover charge.

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