Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let The Seething Begin

From the UK's Cambridge Evening News, a young Muslim girl ordered a meatless burger at McDonalds and got the extra value meal instead.
Sixteen-year-old Jasmin Athas ordered a veggie melt meal at the chain's restaurant in Rose Crescent, Cambridge - only to find it contained a large rasher of bacon.
Maybe I could understand the controversary if an entire pig dropped out of the burger into her lap, or a moose, or a half eaten Republican congressman; but a piece of bacon?
Jasmin, who was visiting the UK from Sri Lanka and had spent the day in Cambridge because she plans to apply to university here, was shocked and felt sickened when she realised what she was eating.
There's no bacon in Sri Lanka? Sorry, but bacon is a food. Bacon is not a mouse turd. Or the headless corpses of three Christian school girls in Jakarta. Please spare me the outrage.

I hate lima beans and refuse to eat them, but sometimes my wife sneaks them on the table disguised in a can of mixed vegatables. I eat them. And I keep my mouth shut.
Mr Tillekeratne, 39, an accountant, said: "Jasmin was devastated. She felt sick for a week afterwards at the thought of eating bacon, which she has never eaten in her life. She has been a vegetarian for 10 years and somebody just destroyed that.
For six years of her life she was NOT a vegetarian. Is she disgusted and dismayed at her life prior to age seven? Is the accountant? Is she seeking therapy and compensation for those little tiny processed meat sausages she had in her high chair? And if she is so concerned about her food intake, then why is she eating at Mickey Dee's? I'd rather have a meat patty then trans fat laden deep fried french fries anyway.

A McDonald's spokesman told the News: "Naturally we were very concerned to hear of this customer's experience and that on this rare, isolated occasion we did not meet our usual high standards. We also appreciate how upsetting it must have been for her to consume a product that is against her religious beliefs and we offer our sincerest apologies.

"This was a case of genuine human error and we are taking the matter extremely seriously. The restaurant launched a full investigation at the time of the incident, with the staff members working on that shift."

Hey, bacon happens... Now lets see how the Religion of Peace handles this latest outrage.

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