Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cop Killer Pleads Guity

Something caught my eye this morning. Yesterday a murderous smartass plead out to a life sentence.
MAYVILLE - Ralph "Bucky" Phillips Wednesday pleaded guilty to killing one state trooper and critically wounding two others during a five-month manhunt last summer, also admitting that he was enraged at police for arresting his daughter before one of the shootings.

Let's get one thing straight, Phillips does not give a damn about the Troopers he shot. He could care less that Trooper Joseph Longobardo died from his wounds. Phillips, who is only 44 years old, knows he is spending the rest of his life behind bars where he will be fed, clothed and his medical needs taken care of at the taxpayers expense.
In a day marked by demonstrations of family support for the killer, Phillips accepted plea agreements in Chautauqua and Chemung counties that are likely to put him in prison for the rest of his life.
There should be demonstrations of neck stretching outside the courthouse. His entire family sounds like a real piece of work.
In Chautauqua County Court, the career criminal admitted that he fatally shot trooper Joseph A. Longobardo and critically wounded Trooper Donald H. Baker Jr., who were staking out the home of a friend of Phillips on Aug. 31 in the Town of Stockton.
Phillips "mugged" for the cameras as he was lead into court yesterday (Wednesday)morning.
Earlier in the day, Phillips appeared in an Elmira court and admitted that he tried to murder Trooper Sean Brown, who had stopped him in a stolen car June 10. Phillips shot Brown in the stomach.
I hope that smirk is wiped off his face real soon in a maximum security prison cell. There is little that the family of the wounded and slain Troopers can say. I pray that this gives them some closure.

The father of the slain Trooper had a comment for Phillips.

One day earlier, when asked by a reporter outside the Chemung County courthouse if he had anything to say, Phillips responded, "have a good day." He has been seen smiling and waving in court, as well, which has prompted some people to criticize his attitude.

"He's just an arrogant idiot, what can I say," said Trooper Longobardo's father, Tony Longobardo. "I mean, people can see through him like they're looking through a window. Obviously he's a low-down life criminal. He's been a criminal all his life and he always will be."
Goodbye jerk. You've been a screw up your entire life. Now you're going where the big dogs play. Maybe the good Lord will use your circumstances to reach you and bring you to your senses. Or maybe not. Some people are just born for destruction.

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