Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why They Can't Read In Alabama

From the Drudge Report.
Instead of reading, writing and arithmatic, Steve White a (Alabama) West Limestone High School teacher shows his students anti-Bush videos on the internet. This story from The News Courier states that:

"White, who is a Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat on the state House of Representatives, was previously accused of showing an offensive Internet video against the Bush administration to his eighth grade science class at West Limestone High School."

Now there are new allegations:

"Carroll did not describe the new complaints but one parent said an obscene video showing an animated Bill Clinton was shown to students.Christy Jackson, whose son is in White¹s eighth grade science class, reported last week that White had shown an Internet clip from filmstripinternational.com to the class. Jackson said White also made her son say “John Kerry rocks” before leaving class one day."

Filmstripinternational.com offers the following video fare as American Civics II. The song is called "You're An Asshole" and it attacks the Bush Administration.

This is how you can tell Mr. White how much his efforts to educate the children of Alabama are appreciated. The staff option is on the left, then scroll down a bit to Mr. White's name.

4/12/06 - On page 13 of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Ranking of States based on Academic Achievement, Alabama is listed as 47th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia. Even a third world country like Arkansas did better (43rd).

Gee. I wonder why...

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