Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teacher On Leave

Steve White, the subject of yesterday's post, has been placed on administrative leave according to an article in the Decatur Daily. The reason for this may be that White was showing material more rauchy than the anti-Bush diatribes.

"School officials are investigating allegations that he did more than show a derogatory Internet film of President Bush and his administration that repeated a vulgar word."

"Mike Bloodworth said his daughter told him she not only saw the Bush film, but also saw an Internet photo of a "half-naked woman" in a University of Alabama bikini in Steve White's science class."

Mr. White has shown himself to be unfit as a teacher. But I doubt that he will lose his position at the high school. After all, Alabama still has a little ways to go before it hits dead last in academic achievement ranking and they need teachers like this to take them there. Then when they hit the bottom, they can start digging...

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