Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Gun Control Rubbish

Once again in the Sydney Morning Herald Aussie moonbats are mewing about how wonderful the world is now that many downunder are also disarmed. Once again the proponents of gun control purposefully ignore the violence spawned in a nation of government sponsored victims.

TEN years ago tomorrow at Port Arthur, Martin Bryant killed 20 innocents with his first 29 bullets, all in the space of 90 seconds in the Broad Arrow Cafe and an adjacent souvenir shop. This lone "pathetic social misfit" (the judge's words) was empowered to achieve his record final toll of 35 people dead and 18 seriously wounded by a type of gun openly sold by law-abiding firearm dealers as "assault weapons".

What is not so apparent is that Martin Byrant may not have acted alone. In fact some are alledging a cover up of the incident (also here and here to mention a few). What is crystal clear is that the incident shocked the good law biding citizens of Australia into surrendering some of their rights to self defense.

What is also clear is that Australia has not profited in the slightest from this act.

I had blogged earlier about gun control measures in Australia, reporting the following:

Here are the Australian crime stats from 1996 to 2003 (I couldn't use the 2004 numbers as they are incomplete).

In 1996 (the year of the Port Arthur massacre) Australia had 354 murders, 114,156 assaults, 14,542 Sexual Assaults, 16,372 Robberies for a total of 145,424 Violent Crimes.

In 2003 the Aussies reported 341 Murders (-4%), 158,629 Assaults (+39%), 18,237 Sexual Assaults (+25%) and 19,709 Robberies (+20%) for a total of 196,916 Violent Crimes (+35%).

This is the Aussie Anti-gun Miracle, a thirty-five percent increase in violent crime.

In 1996 the United States had 19,645 murders, 535,594 Robberies, 96,252 Rapes, 1,037,049 Aggravated Assaults for a total of 1,688,540 Violent Crimes.

In 2003 the FBI reported 16,528 Murders (-19%), 414,235 Robberies (-21%), 93,883 Rapes (-3%) and 895,030 Aggravated Assaults (-29%) for a total of 1,383,676 Violent Crimes (-22%).

There were 304,864 fewer Violent Crimes committed in the United States during the same period of time. Australia had 51,492 more Violent Crimes. We also have a population almost 15 times the size of Australia's (295,734,134 v 20,090,437 July 2005 est.)

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