Saturday, April 01, 2006

We're Sending The Wrong Message

31 MAR 2006: A news release from the US State Department:

Washington – President Bush offered U.S. assistance to Iran March 31 in the wake of three strong earthquakes that devastated about 200 villages in a mountainous region southwest of Tehran.

Why are we offering assistance to a government that is openly hostile to the US? America broke diplomatic ties with Iran after the 4 NOV 1979 take over of the American embassy in Teheran. Diplomatic relations have still not been normalized.

In 2003 the US gave $10.5 million in emergency supplies to Iran after an earthquake devastated the city of Bam. And now possibly millions more. I thought we were supposed to help our friends and allies?

We have diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority and are withholding hundreds of millions in aid pending the setup of a Hamas government and review of its anti-Israeli stance.

Yet we fall all over ourselves offering aid to a government who basically committed an act of war against us almost thirty years ago. Iran also funds terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah (in 1983 they blew up the American embassy in Beirut and the Marine barracks killing nearly three hundred Americans). Even the Palestinian Authority is afraid of Iran's reach.

But the State Department apparently does not get it. US funds will be used to supplant Iranian funds that can be used against us in future terror attacks against us or Israel. Perhaps these funds can be used in the development of nuclear weapons. If the Iranian government refuses to take care of its own people because of these pursuits, then the US taxpayer shouldn't be forced to subsidize them through our State Department.

Iran has been governed by a series of madmen who have turned a former ally into a platform for international terror. I have no problem with the Iranian people and sympathize with their suffering, but until they show initiative to overthrow their oppressors the US should allow them to stew in their own juices. Let their so called muslim brothers pony up the aid.

I would rather see those millions go for air strikes against Irani military assets.

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