Saturday, April 15, 2006

The NY Slimes Continues It's Slide

The USS NeverDock has a story on the failing profitablity of the Slimes, down 69% in the first quarter of this year. If you go here, this site has the Slimes' Revenues, Operating Profit and Depreciation & Amortization numbers for 2003 through 2006. The decline in 2006 1st QTR Operating Profit is actually down by -67.2%, from $208,072,000 to $68,276,000.

This is offset by a one time revenue boost in 1st QTR 2005 where $122,946,000 worth of assets were sold off. Adjusting for the revenues generated by the sale of assets, the loss in Operating Profits between the 1st quarters 2005-06 would be -24.7%.

The Annual Operating Profits for the last two years also are not good news:

2003-2004 down by -5.5% (loss of $29,596,000)

2004-2005 down by -5.7% (loss of $28,899,000)

Then a two year comparison for 2003 -2005 shows Operating Profits are down by -10.8% (down over $58 million); and if it were not for that one time revenue bump in the 1st QTR 2005, they would be down by -33.6% (a two year loss of over $181 million).

Then ff you go here, you can punch up the prices of their stock for any day of trading that you like. I have done this on a monthly basis for the period January 2, 2002 to April 13, 2006.

On June 1, 2002 the price of NYT stock was $50.27. The latest stock quotes available (April 13, 2006) shows that the price is now $25.05; less than half of what it was nearly four years ago. The price of their stock is following their profit picture.

I congratulate the NY Slimes for their continuing efforts to follow the horse drawn carriage and buggy whip industry into oblivion.

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