Monday, April 17, 2006

Hanging Out in Buffalo, NY

Actually I'm in a Holiday Inn just outside of Buffalo, in a town called Hamburg. Since retiring I contract with the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services to conduct an assessment of police departments for compliance with accreditation standards. The Hamburg PD is my next assignment and our team meets with the department tomorrow morning.

New York was the first State to initiate a law enforcement standards program.

More than half of the states have requested information about the program, and law enforcement officials from as far away as California, Virginia and Kentucky have visited New York to study the program firsthand. Several other states including Oklahoma, Michigan, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have invited New York officials to meet with representatives of their program planning committees. Several states have used New York's accreditation structure and resource materials as models when developing their own programs.

There are almost 400 PD's and 60 some odd Sheriff Offices in the State; about 25% of them are accredited.

This is pretty boring stuff if you are not into police administration. I get a kick out of seeing how different agencies put together their departments and meeting a ton of new people. When you come in at the ground level and assist top cops in structuring accountibility, it gives you a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the public is served better. And it sure beats rolling around a barroom floor in spilled beer and piss with some drunken hump.

I know there's an LC or two out here...

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