Saturday, April 01, 2006

This Will Only Hurt For A Little While

What were they thinking?

Haywood County, NC:
Sadomasochists are removing men's testicles and filming it for a web site. Sheriff's investigators arrested three men "on charges of performing castrations on apparently willing participants in a sadomasochistic "dungeon" in a rural house,"

"Sheriff's investigators said Richard Sciara, 61, Danny Reeves, 49, and Michael Mendez, 60, admitted performing at least eight surgeries, including castrations and testicle replacements, on six consenting clients over the past year. None of the three is licensed to practice medicine, officials said. "

Man, it hurts just to think about it. Wait a minute, replaced with what?

"Detectives who searched the home Wednesday found medical supplies that included scalpels, sutures, bandages, anesthetic and artificial replacement testicles, sheriff's officials said.
Also seized were videotaping equipment, and video recordings of the surgeries, sheriff's officials said. Photos and videos made at the "dungeon" were apparently featured on a locally produced sadomasochistic Web site, officials said. "

I'm curious to a certain point, will the videos be available anytime soon? "The Good, The Bad and the Neutered" comes to mind or how about "Honey I Castrated The Kids" or "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Return of the Castrati" sounds good. Maybe even"The Sapranos" or "Robin Hood: Men With Room in Their Tights" or "Gone In 60 Seconds."

"Each man faces 10 felony counts _ five each of castration without malice and conspiracy to commit castration without malice _ as well as eight misdemeanor counts of performing medical acts without a license. Each felony carries a maximum three years and three months in prison, Bonfoey said."

Maybe they'll plead out to Unauthorized Use of Rusty Sissors.

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