Saturday, April 08, 2006

Swing That ClueBat

Finally someone swings the Cluebat and catches Hamas right on the chin.

The US and The European Union Have Cut Off Aid To Palestine

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian policeman Ibrahim Abu Hattab, a father of four, already owes half his next salary to the local grocery for food, diapers and cigarettes, but doesn't know whether he'll ever get a paycheck again.

A Palestinian cop? Oh, that's right; these are the people who are tasked with suppressing violence in the West Bank and Gaza. These parasites, these useless ticks have never earned an honest paycheck either.

Abu Hattab and some 140,000 other Palestinian government employees were dealt a blow Friday when the European Union announced it is cutting off aid to the new Hamas rulers and the United States said it will cancel or suspend more than $411 million in projects aimed at indirectly assisting Palestinians.

But we do know that these funds will directly assist corrupt Palestinian politicians and will be used by Hamas to kill Israeli civilians. It's the muslim trickle down economic theory. Whatever trickles down from their Iranian arms suppliers, bomb factories, girlfriends and Fwench bank accounts will maybe find its way to benefit the dirt grubbing masses. And of course it's the fault of the evil joooos.

Hamas has said it is broke and will have trouble paying employees without massive foreign aid.

Broke??! How about incompetent, screwed up, corrupt, evil, homicidal, thieving, crooked, debauched, exploitive, extorting, foul, fraudulent, inadequate, incapable, ineffectual, inefficient, inept, nefarious, perfidious, treacherous, untrustworthy, unable, unfit, unqualified and utterly useless.

The very LEAST of your problems is that you have no money.

Government salaries sustain about one-third of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. After more than five years of fighting with Israel, about 43 percent of the Palestinians live in poverty.

One third??! According to the latest estimates (here and here), there are 3,889,249 Palestinians (2,460,492 in the West Bank and 1,428,757 in Gaza). That means that about 1,200,000 Palestinians are somehow on the government payroll. There must be Palie civil service positions like maybe "Fomenting Terrorism Typist II," or "IAF Rocket SqueeGee Cleaner Operator," or "Al-Aqsa Martyrs Human Parts Room Clerk I."

Another experiment in socialism is circling the drain. The only thing keeping it from disappearing altogether into complete anarchy is the infusion of foreign money.

We have to pay these people to behave? I'd rather treat the whole lot like a junior high school run amok and chill their asses out with massive amounts of Ridlin in their water supplies.

Let the arabs take care of their own. Let them fund the rampant incompetence, corruption, greed and murder in Palestine.

We'll use the $441 million to build a wall on our southern borders.

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