Saturday, February 05, 2011

Benedict Obama

The recent WikiLeak enabled revelation that Obama compromised Britian's national security really should not surprise us. I cannot imagine anything more calculated to infuriate a valuable, trusted ally. Congress should immediately initiate an investigation as to the legality of this treachery.
Thank you 52%'ers.


Subvet said...

The real problem lies not with our Traitor-in-Chief but with the idiots who elected him. Even after 2012 they'll still be with us!

Cookie..... said...

Don't y'all doubt fer one minute that before the next election, Obama and ilk will mobilize those same stupid idiots again. Thats the scary part.

Anonymous said...

The amount of harm he's done is immeasurable. Any move to impeach will bring forward the victim/racist card, and many softheads will fall for the tactic.

sig94 said...

Subvet - I still think that if the repubs had run someone more acceptable to conservatives that Obongo would not have won. The conservatives stayed home and the independants moved to the Liar in Chief.

sig94 said...

Cookie - those idiots have always been a minority, Obongo simply cannot win with just his base. He needs the independants to vote for him and the conservatives to stay home. Elections are simply a battle for the 20% who can go either way. And the way things are going, the indies are not in his camp as they were two years ago.

sig94 said...

Nickie - I hope not. The MSM will carry his water for him as they always do, but they are losing ground with the public.

Impeachment is a "happy place" for us to go right now but nothing more. As the true economic cost of his bumbling becomes apparent, we'll see what happens.

I remember the 1992 election when we had the "worst economy since the Great Depression." Then two days after Clinton won the economy all of a sudden was not so bad. In February of 1993 things were pretty good and the press was already giving Clinton the credit for it even though he didn't do a thing.

People are such asses to believe the media.