Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese Innovation?

The Chinese recently unveiled their new stealthy fighter plane as it prepared for its first test flight. Initial reports indicated that Chinese aerospace engineers were supplied with parts from an F-117 that was shot down over Serbia in 1999.

Well, maybe the Chinese are not quite as good at reverse engineering as we thought.

In an article posted on that seems not to have reached the MSM, an American stealth engineer was just sentenced to 32 years in prison for selling military secrets to the Chinese. He should have been shot.

HONOLULU - A former B-2 stealth bomber engineer was sentenced to 32 years in prison Monday for selling military secrets to China in the latest of several high-profile cases of Chinese espionage in the U.S.

Chief U.S. District Judge Susan Oki Mollway said Noshir Gowadia, 66, would likely be in his late 80s by the time he is released if he gets credit for good behavior in prison.

"He broke his oath of loyalty to this country," Mollway said. "He was found guilty of marketing valuable technology to foreign countries for personal gain."

Gowadia, who was born in India, was convicted in August on 14 counts, including communicating national defense information to aid a foreign nation and violating the arms export control act.

Prosecutors said Gowadia helped China design a stealth cruise missile to get money to pay the $15,000-a-month mortgage on his luxurious multimillion dollar home overlooking the ocean on Maui. They say he pocketed at least $110,000 by selling military secrets.

The defense argued Gowadia only provided unclassified information to China and was innocent.

Like they didn't use his information to build the new J-20 pictured above. Between the Chinese and other wog engineers who infest our research facilities, we won't be able to build a toaster oven without some other country beating us to market with it.


Anonymous said...

I'd say this was their Sputnik moment.

Kid said...

Hu says they have no aggressive military plans what-so-ever.

He seems like a nice guy.

I mean he didn't actually LOL when lang lang played the anti-American tune in the White House that refers to our military as jackals....