Sunday, December 05, 2010

Feeling Better

Friday night I came down with a high fever. I rarely ever am sick, just an occasional cold or so, but this was intense. I spent the entire weekend on the couch shaking like a crack addict. Tylenol helped somewhat but I just had to let it run its course. My wife took care of me and I am ever so thankful for her. I still have to go to the doctor tomorrow but at least I feel almost normal again.

That didn't last long. Same thing last night, chills and sweats and fever, oh my!
So it's off to the doctors today.


Toaster 802 said...

I feel your pain. Both my son and I have been sick this week with some thing similar that must be making the rounds. He has had flu shots, I have not. So much for modern medicine. Glad your feeling better.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother said: "rest and soup".

She was right.

Get well, my friend.

Subvet said...

Take care of yourself.

Kid said...

Get Well Sig.

Last November I picked up what I think was the Swine Flu. For five days, I slept(shook like an Earthquake) lying on 5 beach towels to keep from soaking the bed from sweat. I was covered with 4 or 5 blankets, my robe, and some more towels.

I could barely walk to the other side of the house. It was the most sick I had ever been.

My wife called emergency on the 2nd day. They told her I could come up and sit for 5 hours to find out they couldn't do anything for me. That's a quote. No thanks. All I ate when I was hungry, which wasn't often, but forced myself because of the water loss, was campbell's chicken noodle. The original. It helps with colds but didn't put a dent in whatever this was.

sig94 said...

I hear ya Kid. That had to be awful. Jewish penicillin is the best. Right now the docs have it narrowed down to a bad case of brochitis with a high fever. I have actually had it since right after Thanksgiving when I noticed that my breathing was off.