Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Al-BamaCare: From Rule Of Law To Imperial Fiat

Obama loves his czars. He loves them so much that he will soon emulate the czar's method of governance. The Czar's ruled by issuing orders called ukase.

From the Merriam-Webster on line dictionary:

Main Entry: ukase
Pronunciation: \yü-ˈkās, -ˈkāz, ˈyü-ˌ; ü-ˈkäz\
Function: noun
Etymology: French & Russian; French, from Russian ukaz, from ukazat' - to show, order; akin to Old Church Slavic u- away, Latin au-, Sanskrit ava- and to Old Church Slavic kazati - to show

Date: 1729
1 : a proclamation by a Russian emperor or government having the force
of law
2 : edict

This is what Pelosi, Reid, Barack Hussein Al-Bama and the entire traitorous pack of democrats have done to the legislative process. Detailed in Article I, the Framers of the Constitution told us how this process must be conducted.

By approving the Senate bill without actually voting on it, Constitutional safeguards put in place so long ago are willfully ignored.

Instead, Democrats will vote for a bill that states that the original Senate health care bill is “deemed passed.”

There is no actual vote on health care as stipulated in our Constitution.

Once this happens, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic.

Anything goes after this.

This is interesting.


USA_Admiral said...

We are on the edge and a third of the people do not care.

Quite Rightly said...

Admiral, the saddest part is that that one third includes just about every Democrat in Congress and their supporters.

What ever happened to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution?

USA_Admiral said...

My guess, it was deemed old fashioned by the marxists.

sig94 said...

Oaths, sacred honor - it all means nothing when cpomparted to political advantage.

They all made the mistake of listening to the sirens' call of power and prestige and entitlement. Let their names be cursed.