Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Again

It ended too soon for my liking, but that's the nature of a real good time.

We had a great time at Chaumont Bay. The weather was unbelieveably cooperative, almost every day was great.
The wife and I packed up the car and left last Friday; the three daughters still at home didn't show up unitl Monday, so we had a few days all to ourselves. Our friends were just finishing up their vacation at the camp next door so we spent some time with them. We watched the fireworks displays all along the bay that 4th of July evening and had quite a show.

I got burnt, bitten and blistered from walking along the roads that follow the shoreline. I did almost four miles every day. The kids are all brown as berries and the wife looks like she just got off the boat from southern Italy. On Wednesday our oldest daughter and the grandkids joined us for three days and they had a ball playing in the water, collecting shells and running around like madmen with the kids from a neighboring camp.

For dinner we ate grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, fruit salad, chips, melted cheese/chili dip and baked goods. We had banana pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, muffins, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. I am afraid to weigh myself but I think with all the walking I kept the damage to a minimum.

We had bonfires at night and made smores, then we watched movies. We gotta do this again soon.

We left at about 1030 this morning and stopped in Watertown for breakfast. We drove in a downpour almost all the way home. Boy it was great!

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