Thursday, May 08, 2008

Someone Give This Drooler A Clue Bib

Jimmy Carter bought a carton of Depends and a one way ticket aboard the USS Dementia today when he wrote this piece of crap for the UK Guardian:

The world is witnessing a terrible human rights crime in Gaza, where a million and a half human beings are being imprisoned with almost no access to the outside world. An entire population is being brutally punished.

I'm not going to post anymore of his insanity because he completely ignores the murder and mayhem committed against Israel by these maniacs. And Israel is not alone.
Egypt doesn't want these idiots running around their country and crapping on the carpet so much so that they also built a wall to keep them out. The Palestinians bulldozed a hole in it in January 2006 and then blew up a whole section of it two years later.
The Egyptians keep repairing it though. Seems like the old adage, "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors," applies to every one but the Palestinians.

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