Sunday, May 04, 2008

50 Years

This weekend our church celebrated its 50th anniversity. There are less than a handful of the original, or "charter", members left alive now. In 1958, five families in the Camillus area got together and mortgaged their homes to start this work. Within 17 days they had bought a parcel of land with an old brick farm house on it. This was the start of W. Genesee Hills Baptist Church. The current facility was built in the mid-sixties and the farmhouse is no longer used. My wife and I have been attending services here since 1983. Our first year there was the church's 25th anniversary.

The Post Standard ran a short article for this occasion.

We had a very nice dinner last night at the Camillus Elks Club; about 200 people attended. There were a number of people who traveled from out of state to be there. After services this morning we held another reception and I had another opportunity to talk to more people that I haven't seen in years. It really was a wonderful time. Some people have been gone for so long that I forgot how much I missed them. Until this weekend...

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