Thursday, May 01, 2008

Army Strong

My daughter went and did it. She enlisted in the Army this afternoon. She is now in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and must report in on 22 JUL 08. She is scheduled to attend OCS at Ft. Bennington in October.

I was expecting it and I thought I would be fine, but I'm kinda numb at the prospect. If she gets the MOS (Mil Intel) she wants she'll probably end up in the sand box within a year talking to murderous idiots in their heathen tongue. She has been home from Eygpt less than a year and we had hoped she would be with us longer.

There was some confusion about her enlistment bonus (there ain't gonna be one) and that pissed me off, producing a terse call to one of the recruiters. He explained in some detail what happened and I accused him of a "bait and switch." I am still a little jigged over this so I am not going to get into it until I settle down a bit. This bonus scenario changed at the very last moment before she was asked to sign and I told her afterwards that she should have told them to cram it until more information was forthcoming. More than one former Army person (officer and enlisted)warned me not to trust the recruiters. But my daughter is fine with it. She wanted in, bonus or no.

So be it.

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