Friday, May 09, 2008

Smart Gal

It is very disturbing to have people break into your house and steal your stuff . It's like being violated. I remember how upset I was when some burglar made off with what little I had as a student. As a cop, I also remember the immense satisfaction I got whenever I apprehended one of these idiots right in the act.

Take my word for it, screaming "Police! Don't Move Or I'll Shoot!" at the top of your lungs with a revolver in your hands while some mook craps his pants can be a real catharsis. Yup, dumb crooks can make your day. But smart victims can make your day too. Like this gal.

A tech-savvy White Plains woman whose apartment was burglarized solved the crime herself after she was able to log on to her stolen laptop, photograph one of the suspects with it and get photos of another, police said.

Apparently the thieving duo who trashed her apartment didn't understand the full capabilities of the equipment they looted. Too bad.

When one of the mooks turned the laptop on, the computer must have started an instant message service that showed the victim's name as on line on her friend's contact list.

[...] the victim signed onto another computer and used the "Back to My Mac" program to determine that her stolen MacIntosh laptop indeed was signed onto the Web and that someone was using it to shop online. She then activated the stolen computer's camera, allowing her to "see" what was in front of the laptop.

At first, police said, she saw only an empty chair. But a short time later, they said, she was able to photograph a man, Shahikian, sitting in front of her stolen laptop. The victim then was able to find photos of Frias using the computer after it had been stolen, police said.

Fischer said the victim did not know either man but showed the photos to one of her roommates, who recognized them as having attended a get-together at the apartment a few weeks before the burglary.

Police said Shahikian and Frias apparently are friends of a friend of the victims.

These are mugshots of the two burglars. Edmon Shahikian is Stooge #1 on the left, Ian Frias is Stooge #2.

The Two Stooges are currently enjoying the lavish accommodations, fine cuisine and lively social life of the Westchester County Jail.

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