Sunday, May 25, 2008

Home Depot Redux

Just when ya think ya got someone or a business pegged:

Every Memorial Day I put up a new flag in front of our house. It is a 3' X 5' flag and it gets pretty ratty by the end of the year. There are about a half dozen houses on my block that do this and I always like the way the neighborhood looks when all the flags are out.

Friday I drove down to Home Depot to get a replacement flag and was very disappointed that the store was just about sold out. The flags that I use were completely gone and the only ones left were little ones on sticks or much larger ones on a 20' pole.
As I was leaving the store I saw a flag that was exactly what I needed. It was sticking out of a barrel next to a table where you could sign up for a Home Depot credit card. I asked the clerk at the service desk if it was for sale. He came around the counter section and walked to the barrel with me. He explained that the flag was a return and that they were giviing it away to anyone who would open up a new account.

I explained that I already had an account, thanked him for the information and started to walk away. He stopped me and thanked me for opening an account a few years ago. He then asked me if I had gotten my free flag when I opened an account. Heh.

I walked out of that Home Depot with a brand new flag.


cmblake6 said...

Brilliant. Good on ya Sig.

sig94 said...

Those flags only last a year and then are all tattered and I gotta burn them. But there is a new one up every year.