Monday, May 19, 2008

Gun Fearing Wussies Get Shot Down


Appeals Court Shoots Down New York City Gun Law
The media have been telling us to watch the gun-control case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we await a decision about Americans' Second Amendment rights. But the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down an equally important gun decision that has additional implications against judicial supremacy.

The court, which convenes in New York City, shot down the longtime liberal dream of achieving gun control by suing gun manufacturers for crimes committed by firearms. In a remarkable decision, this federal appellate court dismissed City of New York v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp. and protected gun corporations against frivolous lawsuits in state and federal courts.

The lawsuit was brought by the City of New York in order to seek control over gun suppliers. At stake was not merely money but also whether liberals would obtain from judicial activists the gun control that the liberals could not get from legislatures.

Say what you will, liberals won't stop. They will drive past a gunshop or open up the Sunday paper and see the flyers from Bass Pro Shop and get the shakes. They will write letters to their congressmen, send faxes and emails to whomever demanding that evil guns (much like evil oil) be taken away from citizens whose only crime is to rely upon their own devices for protection. And they will refuse to defend themselves, but rather pay tribute to Big Government in the vain hope that they will be safe.

They just don't realize that 90% of cop training is not about crime prevention; it's about crime documentation. After. The. Fact.

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