Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scotland The Brave - Not

Last Friday I took my wife and my youngest daughter to my favorite pizza restaurant on Marshall Steet near Syracuse University - Cosmo's Pizza.

I have been eating pizza there since I was a SU freshman in 1967. I just love their pie and so does my family. After our dinner, we took a walk on the SU campus and ended up in front of the Hall of Languages which was the home office of the College of Liberal Arts where I got my BA degree.

I wanted to stop here to show my daughter something.

About fifty yards in front of this building is the memorial for 35 SU students murdered in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. This is the memorial:

Today the evil son of a bitch who murdered those students and 244 other innocent souls was released from prison by Scottish authorities and allowed to return home to a hero's welcome in Libya. For humanitarian reasons because he is dying from prostate cancer.

Humanitarian reasons.

Savor those syllables. Allow yourself to roll that phrase around your head and then gently waft the contempt of the Scottish ministers to your senses. Immerse yourself in the irony.

I am outraged. I cannot imagine a deliberate act that is more calculated to infuriate the families of those students, the families of every victim of that terrorist act.

You can express yourself by sending an email to the Scottish Affairs Office here. This is what I sent.

I am a retired Syracuse Police Lieutenant and a 1971 graduate of Syracuse University. Last Friday I took my wife and daughter to view again the Lockerbie Memorial in front of the Hall of Languages.

The recent decision of your government to release Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to a hero's welcome in Libya is an outrage. This was a slap in the face to every American family who lost someone in that awful bombing. The government of Libya did everything it could to deny comfort to the families of those murdered by this piece of trash, and now you compound it by this act.

You are beneath contempt.


USA_Admiral said...

Scotland the brave; Not any more. Scotland mired in socialism. Everything over there is broke.

It makes me ill thinking about it. At least the bastard will die of prostate cancer.

USA_Admiral said...

Message sent. Although only muslims may be there to read it.

Cookie..... said...

Geeesh Sig! Where's yur compassion mate? He only murdered 244 innocent people going home to celerbrate a religious holerday, I mean after all Sig, the least the Scots could do is let him die with the dignity he denied all those others. I fergives him........


What's the address of that Scottish Affairs Office again?

Cookie..... said...

BTW, also sent a scathing E-mail to the address you provided (Thanks). T'won't do no good.... but I feel a little better.

sig94 said...

It's not as if the SOB asked forgiveness; he still denies it and claims he is a victim. The Scots should have lived up to their no nonsense heritage and sent him him in a dozen jelly jars, COD.