Saturday, August 08, 2009

Geezers N' Goons

There is a great post at WhizBang by Shawn Mallow that delves into the panic that must be gripping the administration of amateurs to inspire Obongo to issue the "hit them twice as hard" directive.

I am wondering if he would have the nerve to say that if it were detachments of Marines instead of senior citizens that was giving democratic congressman hell.

He's finally screwed the pooch this time. Drank from his well of invincibility one too many times to discover it's nothing but pure Kool-aid, and now his shiny, golden veneer is starting to strip away.

He and his gaggle of political goons are scared.

Of seniors. Your grandma standing up at a townhall meeting and shaking her arithic fist while screaming "No!" has the democrats crapping their pants.

As per his bidding, he and his White House Chicago thugs have been forced to regress from an empty "hope and change" blurb to violent rhetoric like "If you get hit, we will punch you back twice as hard."

Is this the Sopranos?

Valiant prose like that really makes one proud to be an American right now, doesn't it? Such class.

We are witnessing an administration and an entire political party to begin to unravel right before our weary eyes, and all in such a short amount of time.

In his attempt to take control over one-sixth of the US economy, it appears that Obongo is suffering from premature expropriation. And what a mess he has made of it. His liberal base is frustrated by limp popular support and surprised at the stiff resistance he has aroused. Obongo has instead proved to be political Viagra for conservatives.

Losing control of their seemingly once invincible aura, they have helplessly transformed almost overnight into a frightened Chicago street gang, who, frankly, have gotten the shit kicked out of them by the Neighborhood Watch program.

Get over yourself, America ain't buying the program Sparky.

This week was a turning point. It may well become the defining moment of Obama's presidency, making him one of the most destructive presidential care-takers in the history of our nation. His master plan of blowing up our country's institutions in favor of his own warped socialist desires, along with his willing, power-drunk congressional conspirators, is finally starting to sicken the citizenry.

To quote one of our past enemies, Obama has managed to "awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

He has no idea.

I'm praying that it is true.


Mope said...

Just a page out of the ol' Alinsky playbook.
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it (Alinsky 1972: 130).”

Seems the Marxist got caught with his own devise.

sig94 said...

We gotta do the same thing Mope.
And hopefully we are. Cram it up and break it off.

Subvet said...

No retreat, no surrender. These buttheads want to play rough? Wonder how many of them ever got their Brooks Brothers suits rumpled up a bit. Union goons? Bet they run like hell when all their potential victims start flashing cellphones with camera capabilities. Sunlight always makes roachs scatter.

Mope said...

Those flashes ain't cell phones!

sig94 said...

Well, at least we know what to where when attending a town hall meeting...

For an update on the forced socialization of medicine, let me introduce you to Dr. Smith and Dr. Wesson.