Monday, August 03, 2009

Makes Me Nervous

I never saw a close up of the new Surgeon General of the United States. But if I was bent over a gurney with my pants around my ankles and heard someone enter the room snapping on a pair of latex gloves, I surely would not want to glance around behind me and see her wriggling her fingers in anticipation.

I want someone who can demonstrate authority over their own appetites before they cram their hamhock fingers into unmentionable places that don't belong to them.

In this picture it looks like she is tracking a corndog as it makes its way down a ballpark aisle.


USA_Admiral said...

LOL. Few hundred corndogs.

Subvet said...

Q: How do you get the new Surgeon General out of the candy store?

A: Grease up the door posts and hang a Twinkie on the other side.

sig94 said...

Deep fried Twinkies, Yummmmmm