Sunday, August 23, 2009


The following videos are of a prototype autonomous combat vehicle currently under development by DARPA. It is not a little thing (6.5 tons) and they don't call it Crusher for nothing. It is designed to go around or go over any obstacle in its path.

This next video got some tunes to go with it.
A little more then halfway through this clip (1:30) you'll see what happens when Crusher gets excited.

Be afraid, be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

So, what we have here is a SUV o' Doom that can drive itself over Prius's, be driven over Insights with the same racing game wheel and pedal controller I have, does a Bluto Blutarski impersonation with an iPhone and can blast hippies with the controller from an Xbox.

And for those pesky roadside IED's??

"We get an extra life if we hit Y,X,Y,X."

Chock full of WIN!!

Cancel my Skittle shitting unicorn, I want one of these*.

(*Provided it doesn't say Cyberdyne Systems...)

sig94 said...


I was talking to a zoomie in church this morning who is assigned to the 174th Fighter Wing. They are transitioning from F-16's to Reapers and most of teh pilots are staying to be trained on them. They will stay here in Syracuse while the Reapers will deploy to Afghanistan. Using satellite comms they will light up the terrorists world while sitting in a game chair here. Amazing changes coming to warfare, not sure if I like all of them.

Getting too easy to kill someone.