Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brokeback Detective

I am watching the DVD "Iron Man" tonight. I really like Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark. He has a rather storied past but he is spot on for this role.

Then I find out that Director Guy Ritchie is filming a queer Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downy Jr. as Sherlock and Jude Law as his assistant/lover Watson.

I mean, really ... wth? Does Professor Moriarity make it a threesome?

But former Post movie critic Michael Medved doesn't think much of the new offering from Ritchie, Madonna's former husband.

"There's not a seething, bubbling hunger to see straight stars impersonating homosexuals," he told Page Six.

"They know that making Holmes and Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office. Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it would be appealing to women. Straight men don't want to see it."

But that's not the point - it never is and it never was. This movie is a social statement and the people bankrolling this cinematographic turd do not expect to make a dime. Profit is of no concern to those who are bent on the corruption of the entire nation. I wonder if Soros has a piece of this action.

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USA_Admiral said...

That will be one I definitely will not be seeing. Just like the other one with Heath Ledger.