Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gird, Not Grill

It's time, my fellow patriots, to gird your loins. Things are getting dicey; there is a lot of push back from both sides and the smoke and noise are getting thick. The dems are ignoring the voices of countless millions and they do so perhaps at their own peril, but then again - perhaps not. They are emboldened by the poser in the White House.

I have never seen or heard so many pissed off people in my life. People who never expressed any political opinions before are talking about the push for government sponsored health care and the arrogance of the government.

What are we to make of this? I feel that as a country we are on the cusp. We have allowed things to get out of hand and now we are paying for it. The socialists have been gradually turning up the temperature for decades, the water is starting to roil; it will be boiling very soon.

What will the politicians do? Gauging by their past performance I think that they will go along with their leadership and ram this crap down our throats.

What will we do? Gauging from our past performance ... nothing. Oh, there may be some isolated instances of resistance, but nothing that conventional law enforcement measures can't handle. And by resistance I don't mean a few hundred thousand people marching on DC. I mean people getting hurt, or worse.

The fact that it has gone this far indicates to me that perhaps we have reached the tipping point. I sure hope I'm wrong, but too many people are receiving cash and services from the government. Far too many people feel entitled; they refuse to be responsible for their own lives and demand that others take care of their "needs." They want everything but are willing to pay nothing, not even a pittance.

If you want it, then you have a right to it. Not only a right to it, you have the the right to impose it's cost, whatever it is, on others.

Health care as proposed by the liberal democrats will boil down to this. Illegal aliens between the ages of 20 and 40 will have more access to government health resources than a 70 year old American retiree who has paid taxes all his life.


The Local Malcontent said...

Your last paragraph here, says it all: and that should be enough to enrage every American.
Panderers. How can anyone claim to be a Democrat these days, if this BS is their party's wishes???

Easily Lost said...

We expressed our feelings on the health care bill loud and clear in Green Bay, wish others would do the same