Thursday, January 18, 2007

This Is Not A Tragedy

The following article is an example of just how screwed up our legal system's thinking is (hat tip to Maxxdog).

The Wright County attorney's office will not charge a Rockford, Minn., man who fatally shot his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend as he broke into the couple's barricaded bedroom. Eric M. Cegon, 30, shot and killed Erik A. Richter, 35, about 3:30 a.m. Dec. 13. Richter had broken into the apartment Cegon shared with Richter's ex-girlfriend, Samantha Simons, 21. It was the second time Richter had violated a court order not to contact either of them.

And here's the money quote:

"In this matter, you have a justifiable use of deadly force," County Attorney Thomas Kelly said Wednesday. "As tragic as it is, that's how it comes down."

The justifiable use of deadly force is tragic? It's tragic that no innocent victim was killed or arrested? A violent perp has been sent to his final reward. What's tragic about that?

This is not a tragedy. This is a Good Thing™ .

There should be a party. The perp, Erik A. Richter, 35, was:

armed with a loaded, half-cocked semi-automatic handgun and four additional magazines when he broke into the couple's Rockford apartment. Richter also had leg irons and handcuffs with him,

Sounds like he had a good time all planned out for his ex-girlfriend, no? What a tragedy he didn't get to enjoy himself. This County Attorney Kelly appears to be more concerned about political correctness then the lives of innocent people who were spared from God knows what atrocities by the judicious use of a firearm.

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