Saturday, January 06, 2007

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The United Nations once again proves that it is unfit to guard a newstand much less a nation. This just in from Fox News:

Six Bangladeshi peacekeepers under United Nations command were demoted, dismissed or reprimanded for their roles in a sex-abuse case while on assignment in the Sudan, but U.N. officials are powerless to bring charges or prosecute the soldiers for their alleged crime.

Nonetheless, Jane Holl Lute, assistant secretary-general for peacekeeping operations, thinks the punishment is enough.

But let some US soldiers pile naked terrorists in a pyramid and these same UN clowns are screaming for prison sentences. It's like a "Get out Of Jail Free" card in Monoply board game. You just have to wear a blue helmet. The hypocrisy sickens me.

Rapists, any raptists, should rot in prison, but the UN feels that demotions, dismissals and reprimands (Bad rapist! Bad!) are sufficient.

I guess that the soldiers at Abu Ghraib would have been better off if they sodomized the prisoners instead of stacking them.

The particulars of the Sudanese sex abuse case are pretty much the same where ever UN "peacekeepers" are stationed; rape and sex slavery seems to flourish under the blue helmets. From a March, 2005 article in the Guardian:

The reputation of United Nations peacekeeping missions suffered a humiliating blow yesterday as an internal report identified repeated patterns of sexual abuse and rape perpetrated by soldiers supposed to be restoring the international rule of law.

[...]The embarrassment caused by the misconduct of UN forces in devastated communities around the world - including Haiti, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Cambodia , East Timor and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) - has become an increasingly high profile, political problem.

And the MSM has increasingly ignored it.

Alarm about the involvement of UN peacekeepers in sex trafficking first became widespread during the 1990s when investigators found soldiers were customers in brothels run in Bosnia and Kosovo which relied on women sold into forced prostitution. One recent estimate suggested up to 2,000 women have been coerced into sex slavery in Kosovo.

The Guardian article continues:

"sexual exploitation and abuse mostly involves the exchange of sex for money (on average $1-$3 per encounter), for food (for immediate consumption or to barter later) or for jobs". [...]"The reality of prostitution and other sexual exploitation in a peacekeeping context is profoundly disturbing because the United Nations has been mandated to enter into a broken society to help it, not to breach the trust placed in it by the local population." There have even been reports of paedophilia committed by peacekeepers.

The UN has been out of control for quite some time. Corrupt UN bureaucrats can't keep their hands out of our pockets and UN peacekeepers can't keep it in their pants.

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