Saturday, January 13, 2007

Broke Back Beijing?

Social experimentation comes back to haunt the Chinese. From the London Times:

It is nearly three decades since China’s rulers implemented a strict “one-couple, one-child” policy. It replaced Chairman Mao’s focus on a high birth rate, which had been intended to ensure that China could fend off enemies with human-wave warfare.

Korean war vets have nightmare stories about waves and waves of Chinese troops attacking their positions. The slaughter of individuals for the perceived common good never did bother the communists much. But the Law of Unintended Consequences can and will bite you on the ass. Just give it time.

The unintended consequences of those severe controls have become increasingly pronounced. China will be short of 30 million brides within 15 years, according to an official report into the country’s burgeoning population. About one in every ten men aged between 20 and 45 — equivalent to almost the entire population of Canada — will be unable to find a wife.

One effect of China’s strict population control has been a jump in gender selection of babies. The traditional preference for a son means that more and more women abort their baby if an early-term ultrasound examination shows it to be a girl. Officials deny that the gender imbalance is a result of the family planning policy.

Thirty million pissed off Chinese isa something that everyone should be concerned about, especially the Chinese.

The findings, from the State Population and Family Planning Commission, outline bleak prospects — and not only for bachelors. The report says that the gender imbalance could result in social instability — a threat that the Communist Party regards as the greatest risk to its grip on power.

These consequences are clearly the result of the government's draconian family policies. And every one of these projected 30 million men know who to blame. I don't think that these guys will be interested in a Barney Frank/San Francisco solution to the shortage of women.

What we should be looking at is more aggression from China to draw national attention away from it's failed domestic policies.

Taiwan may want to restore it's trays to the upright position and fasten it's seat belts. Thirty million horny Chinamen can make anyone's life miserable.

There is an quote used by RFK in 1966, "May you live in interesting times." It sure looks like things are getting interesting again in China.

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