Monday, January 15, 2007

Normal Upstate NY Weather

There was an ice storm yesterday that lasted through the night. It wasn't a bad one, only about an eighth of an inch of ice; not nearly enough to cause damage. But our trees are covered in a thin layer of crystal. There is a big boxwood elder right behind the house and the nearest branches are only four feet away from the kitchen window.

It has been so unseasonably warm this winter that it is almost a relief to finally get some bad weather. Almost, not quite.

With the bad weather comes traffic accidents. There was a twenty car pile up just north of Syracuse on Interstate 81 yesterday morning due to black ice on a bridge over Rt 11. One motorist who stopped to assist somehow fell over 50 feet to the road below and is in critical condition. In another ice related accident just north of here in Oswego County, two people were killed early this morning when a small car switched lanes and ran head on into an eighteen wheeler dumptruck.

Luckily this stretch of weather came on Sunday and Monday; today is a holiday, cutting down on traffic.

We had almost 8" of snow last Wednesday and it is already melted. Forecasts are for colder temperatures and more snow later in the week.

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