Monday, January 29, 2007

Let 'Em Eat Steak

Or something to that effect.

Well, it wasn't exactly a blog fest, but four of us - LC Jackboot, Imperial Correspondent for the Rott, The Dread Pundit Bluto, Cookie of the Cook Shack Gab & Grub and yours truly - got together for lunch today at a nice Italian restaurant just off the NYS Thruway. Jackboot and I maintained satellite communications (okay cell phone tower) during his transition from New England Moonbat to Mid Altantic Moonbat Control. Coming from one Blue State to another, no passports, patchouli transfusions or inspections by crotch sniffing dogs were needed to gain entry.

Today was a last minute, seat of the pants arrangement as the original restaurant I wanted had closed for the day. I spent a frantic half hour trying to find a nice eatery that was open before 3 PM, and then informing our Band of Bloggers of the changes. After staying to clear up network problems for some new users, I barely managed to leave the office on time.

The snow had just started to fall when we reached the restaurant and continued to fall throughout our sumptuous repast. Bluto was recovering from a bad cold and had thankfully regained much of his voice for the blog meeting. When I called him yesterday to confirm the time, I thought I was speaking to Helen Thomas after she had her tonsils bronzed. Cookie was there in rare form also, sporting his snappy leather hat ensemble. He only tried to gum the waitress twice.

As it turned out, our poor waitress had a cold also and sounded much like Bluto did yesterday. She cheerfully croaked and honked at us through the meal and refreshed our beverages on a regular basis so we could continue talking. If I get sick I'll know who to blame.

And we talked. We talked about blogging and politics and engaged in personal male bonding manly stuff. This is the third time we have met in the past year or so and the first time with Jackboot.

Of course as manly men we all had some form of steak for lunch (someone's steak more processed than others, eh Cookie?). Cookie and Jackboot found out that they shared some common experiences with their prior military service. Cookie, you really should post about the time your mate nearly sunk the lot of ya.

The upcoming Rott Fest in Tampa, Florida, was a topic of conversation as well as our concerns for the nation and what we could do to offset the incredible media bias. Bluto said it straightly, as far as the news is concerned, we are in a constant election cycle. Jackboot passed along some encouragement from Emperor Misha also.

It is just so good to hear from our Band of Bloggers.

After lunch we transitioned outside and talked for almost an hour. Protected by the entrance shelter, those who had 'em smoked 'em while the snowfall got heavier and heavier. By time we left to go home, the roads were downright sloppy and the plows were out in full force.

After I finish this post I'll give Jackboot another hour or so to see if he got home.

[Update: I did indeed none the worse for wear either at 2003 and worth every single mile of it too!!! (575 miles R/T). Sig managed to hit the secure, encrypted satellite link to get confirmation with me. All is well. Thanks to my brothers for a Great Day- God Bless Y'all !!!-JB IC/A]

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