Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Backs Off

Vets across the country are relaxing after Obama and his puppet VA Cabinet minister have backed off from their demands that some vets pony up to pay for service related disabilities.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Wednesday abandoned a ontroversial plan to make veterans who have private insurance pay for treatment of combat-related injuries. Stung by the angry reactions of veterans, lawmakers and others, the White House made the decision after top administration officials met Wednesday with 11 veterans advocacy groups.

"Our voices were heard," said Norbert Ryan, the president of the Military Officers Association of America. "They made the right decision on this."

The smartest man in America? Not.
Even a drooling idiot would have seen that this was a no go from the get go.

The plan would have reversed a longstanding policy of providing government health care coverage for all service-related injuries. Most veterans now use private insurance only for health problems that are unrelated to their military service.

"This is a moral issue for us," said Paul Rieckhoff, the executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Leave it to a man who has never put his own checkbook on the line, much less his personal safety, to attack those who have given their all. This is outrageous; backstabbing American's war wounded in an area where many of them are weakest - personal finanaces. On top of that, most new insurance policies specifically preclude preexisting conditions and/or work related injuries.

And what did the red headed excrement have to say from the Presidential podium?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the the plan had been intended to "maximize the resources available for veterans." But he said that Obama recognized the veterans' concerns that the proposal "might, under certain circumstances, affect veterans and their families' ability to access health care."

The Obama bean counters wanted to save about $540 million, so they went after community organizers? No.
Corrupt politicians? No.
Tax cheats? No.
Wounded vets? Yes.

Now that's change we can believe in.

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