Monday, March 30, 2009

Spain, The New Fwance

Spain is considering whether or not to indict six American advisors under the Bush administration for ... advising the people in charge, elected officials. These men were not decisionmakers, these were men who may or may not have agreed with foreign policy decisions made by the people they were hired to advise. WTH?

This story was from a NY Times source but I refuse to link to it because the flaming useless asshats at the Slimes refused to acknowledge that the Spanish human rights lawyer pushing this abortion prosecution, Gonzalo Boye, served eight years in a Spanish prison for:

collaboration with the ETA (Spanish terrorist Group) for his participation in the kidnapping of a Spanish well know businessman (Emiliano Revilla). At the time He was a member of the Terrorist group MIR from Chile!

There you go. A terrorist trying to get American anti-terrorists indicted. And a Spanish judge says "Sure, go for it." News Daily reports that the judge Baltasar

Garzon has accepted the case and sent it to the prosecutor's office for review, the newspaper said, citing an official close to the case.

Douglas Feith, the former undersecretary of defense for policy, is one of those being considered for criminal charges. He was on the O'Reilly Factor tonight and considers the whole thing to be nothing more than Spanish grandstanding. Feith was the one who came out with the eight year prison sentence for Boye.

It seems that Spain shat itself after the Madrid train station bombing and is still running scared.

Boycott Spain. We did it to Fwance and we can do it to the turd eating Spaniards. We have a huge naval base in Rota, Spain. Let these idiots know that the location of this base is now in play.

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