Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Letter Sent To My Elected Representatives

Sen. Chuck Schumer

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Rep. Dan Maffei

Enough is enough. You people just can't print money fast enough so you can piss it away. The programs sought in Senate Bill 277 (your HR 1388) are nothing more than another welfare give away disguised as a "competitive" (which means directed towards whatever groups you decide to direct the taxpayer's largesse) award.

What we need is the private sector producing jobs, generating capital/wealth and then producing more jobs rather than you amateurs in DC deciding to penalize the most productive people in our great nation and then penalizing my children and grandchildren with exorbitant taxes long after I'm in the grave.

YOU politicians caused the current economic crisis with your insistence on giving loans to the people most likely to default on them, accepting campaign contributions from these greedy financial institutions, refusing to regulate them, ignoring laws written after the Great Depression to prevent a return of economic ruin and then ignoring the warning signs that the whole lousy deck of cards was falling down.

You think I am unaware of Rep. Frank's ringing endorsement of Fannie Mae, his poohpoohing of dire warnings about its imminent collapse? You indeed must think me a fool, a dunderhead, just another jackass that will swallow whatever you feed me.

Now you lie and point fingers at each other while approving the appointment of tax cheats and frauds to promulgate more destructive economic policies in your never ending quest for votes. Damn you all to hell! Damn you!

You make me sick. I am out of patience with your profligate spending with no end in sight. You are disgusting and insulting - you think we are all idiots - your hubris, your incompetence, your corrupt stench reaches to the Heavens. You're like juvenile fools in a toy store, dropping and breaking and expecting the adults to clean up and pay for your mess.

What are you going to tell the taxpayers when all this public debt forces the US to become a begger among nations? That the dog ate your economic policy?

For years my wife and I scrimped and saved on a single salary - a policeman's salary - doing without in order to be fiscally responsible, to make sure we had the time to be good parents to our children. And praying to God that nothing broke that I couldn't fix. I worked two, sometimes three jobs.

We went out to a nice dinner when someone gave us a restaurant certificate as an anniversary gift. It was well worth the sacrifice and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But only for my family! Not for the army of deadbeats, dropouts, criminals, fellow politicians, cronies and your campaign contributors that you want me to support! No more!

I contrast what I and many others like me have put up with in order to live quiet, productive lives. And by quiet I mean invisible to the likes of you. I am not a rabble rouser, not a right wing radical. I just want my government to leave me alone and let me take care of my own. I do not want your help! Your intrusive "help giving" is what started this mess!

Over the decades I have witnessed the never ending parade of pork that flies out of the Treasury and I have reached the conclusion that YOU are the greatest threat this Country faces. Not the Arabs, not the Islamists, not the Persians, not the illegals; neither warming nor cooling nor the commies nor carbon nor the criminally insane.

You and you alone are the greatest threat to the freedoms I am guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. And I do not view your threat lightly.

I demand you stop this insane spending and the social experimentation that is ruining this land!!I am at the end of my patience.

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