Friday, March 20, 2009

We Were Warned

I don't know how long this will remain up. Per it may already been pulled down by YouTube.

We're told this video was removed from YouTube. Now it's routed through Canada but not for long.

Okay Jon Stewart, you smug hypocrite.
On September 24, 2008, Barney Fwank is recorded as defending the financial stability of Fannie Mae while Republican leaders are warning of the consequences of bad investment policies. Where are you on this? When is Frank showing up on your show to get slapped around like that fool Cramer?

You can email Stewart at this address

Let him know how much you appreciate his efforts in watching our backs.

And there's more. Here is a damning video that shows the special relationship with Fannie Mae and the Black Congressional Caucaus. They are called the "conscience of Fannie Mae."

I've gone back in and removed the cuss words from this post. There is nothing new here that I haven't heard before but I get so upset listening to it again and realizing that most people just don't care and that most of the media chose to ignore it completely while transmitting democratic lies about the causes of the current crisis and blaming Bush.

Then again, McCain and Bush never made the Democratic contributions to this crisis a campaign issue so they're idiots too.

I am soooo disgusted. Today is the second day I have taken off from work this week because of a bad chest cold. I should have gone to work hacking up lougies instead of getting my BP all crazy. And then, oh sweet Jesus, there is more...

And this crop of bullshit from the current NYS attorney general who in 1998 was working for Clinton defending the practice of aggressively pursuing bad loans to minorities...

I gotta go outside before I blow a gasket.

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