Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whoo Whee, Another Letter

And we just got another letter from our daughter in Fort Leonard Wood today.

She is now in a barracks with 39 other females. She is one of the oldest (23) in the barracks and is not impressed with some of her younger mates.

She learned in Cairo how obnoxious males can be, particularly young Egyptian males, and is really starting to catch on about feminine interpersonal human dynamics and that the term "asshole" is a fairly complex and technically advanced term that defines a very specific range of behaviors.

She got sick of being harassed by one Egyptian teenager and knocked him on his ass (all 5'1" of her) on a Cairo subway. I hope she is not tempted to do likewise at Fort Leonard Wood.

Lest you think that my daughter is a super buff kid, she is in excellent condition but that is all (well, her attitude is pretty much like one of her close relatives). She is just a very determined female and in her experience, Egyptian men are scrawny. She posits that it must be that their diet really stinks nutrition-wise because she could out lift a lot of the males at the AUC gym. She compares them to her ex-USMC buddy who adopted her like a sister in Cairo. He is about 6'2" and goes 220 or so of rock slab muscle. The Egyptian men looked like children next to him. Hmmmm, I may have a picture of him somewhere.

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