Thursday, August 07, 2008

A New SPEC 4

At least that's what she'll be when she gets out of boot camp. And that's Fort Leonard Wood, MO. We showed up at 1000 at the MEPS station at the 174th NYANG. Our daughter was there since 0500.

Then around 1030 Cpt. Whatshizname administers the oath and she's in. In all, nine recruits were sworn in. The families of only three showed up. I felt bad for the other kids. The nine people in our family that witnessed this was over half of all the civilians who showed up for the ceremony.

Then she eats her first GI lunch while we chat; at 1130 Sgt. Bilko sticks his head in the room and growls, "Leonard Wood, get going." And she's on her way to the airport which is only a quarter mile away.

Really... everyone was very nice. Her recruiter was there and gave me his card in case we have any questions down the line. He turned out to be a pretty decent guy.

We had lunch and went to the airport and waited (and waited) to see her off at 1700.

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