Friday, August 22, 2008

What Was He Thinking?

bun·gle –verb
1. to do clumsily and awkwardly; botch: He bungled the job.
2. to perform or work clumsily or inadequately: He is a fool who bungles consistently.

Whatever happened in Beaumont , TX, this was not bungled...

BEAUMONT - Officer Keith Breiner is expected to remain on the stand today after a Thursday of lurid testimony where the most intimate details of a bungled felony prostitution investigation were revealed.

You may bungle a pop up fly ball in the infield or an easy shovel pass in the end zone. You may even bungle your best friend's wedding by leaving the rings in your other pants pocket. You do not bungle your way into sexual intercourse while on duty and sober.

Breiner is one of two officers suspended indefinitely without pay for engaging in sex acts during the undercover investigation. Breiner is the only officer trying to stop the city from suspending him, saying that because he did what he was asked to do, the punishment violated his constitutional rights.

I don't agree that he should have had sex. I don't agree that (Lt. Curtis) Breaux told him he should have sex," Coffin said.

Breiner has said all along that Breaux told him he would have to have sex with the women to make the case.

Either this guy is a complete moron or he is a lying SOB.

I'll take "Lying SOB" for a thousand, Alex.

The Chief of Police, Frank Coffin, also stated under oath that the police department's

personnel files contained "junk" and the department's written evaluations were "flawed" and "antiquated."

Now that must be reassuring for any trial lawyer looking for an early retirement.

This is a police department that is in desperate need of an extreme makeover.

One of the commentors at the site had this to say...

Rmls34 wrote:
I myself am a retired police officer, and during the course of my employment worked vice operations like this one. Never during the course of an investigation of an adult escort service or spa did we permit, or ask our officers to complete the sexual act offered. In fact we advised them that it was not permitted. Outside of a grope by a suspect, none of the rest that Officer Breiner describes as being his duties is authorized by any professional police department. But with that said, maybe the true problem starts higher up the rank structure.

Been there and a big AMEN to that brother.

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