Friday, August 01, 2008

Lost Two Pounds

Since July 5th when we went on vacation I have been walking four or five times a week, a little jogging if my knees and COPD are cooperating, for about three miles a pop. I went for my quarterly checkup (mostly blood work) today and I lost two pounds. I gained 21 pounds in two years and the doc (a great guy) wants me down below 200. I got quite a ways to go.

I wish I was back up on Lake Ontario. Walking was such a great experience in a predominantly farmland setting along the lake. People would wave hello and you had no idea who they were. Just friendly folk. Idiots here in the village try to run you over if you don't cross the street fast enough for their liking.

In our neighborhood there's a crazy little gal that jogs every day. She really is short a cornflower blue from a full box of crayons (my daughters went to school with her kids). Last week while walking I noticed her coming up the road. Right smack dab in the middle of the road. On the sidewalk I passed her as she stumbled by and I said hello. She kept on muttering and ignored me. I'm waiting to see if she gets creamed by some senior citizen driving a Buick.

Life in this pissy little village. Here where I live, they got stop signs with little stop signs underneath the big stop signs that say "STOP MEANS STOP." Huh? And I thought stop meant go all these years. Pissy little stop signs for pissy little people. Next they got green day-glo signpost wrappers that say "SLOW DOWN". The speed limit is thirty. Slow down to what? Who paid for this idiot crap?

Pissy little people in a pissy little village. It's like idiot prying grandmothers are running the show. Next they'll have the cops checking to see if you eat all your veggies. I was talking to one of the village cops who is a transplant from a town PD near Atlanta, Georgia. He said he got a call from a woman who wanted the police to replace the electric fuses in her fuse box. And he did it. Pissy little village. He should have told her - call your idiot son-in-law you useless twit or learn how to unscrew a fuse.

After participating on a "Vision" committee, I was invited to join the local ordinance committee but I refused. They still send me the announcements for the meetings after five or six years of not showing up. The vision committee was a joke. All they wanted to do was put lipstick on a pig. Sorry, I want a wipe and reload.

The wife and I will be looking at moving to another town or even another state after my daughter graduates from high school. I am getting to the point where I really can't stand this pissy little village.

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