Monday, August 25, 2008

Do NOT Thank The Drill Instructor!

Our daughter seems to be doing well in basic. She was the first in her group to get letters and cards from home and all the other girls were jealous. She was so excited to receive them that she said "Thank you Sergeant!"

You do not thank the Drill Sergeant for your mail. Twenty-five push ups helped her remember that fact.

At 23 she is the oldest female in her platoon and having spent almost a year in Egypt on her own is much more mature than most. She has been designated as one of the two "discipline leaders," or something like that, in her platoon. She is to counsel the others when they screw up so the whole platoon does not get disciplined. I hereby designate her as the official "Dominatrix O'Doom of the 4th Platoon."

She also made mention that Army food is "binding" up her squad. You really don't want to know more...

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