Saturday, February 10, 2007

So What, We Have Some Snow

You may have noticed that Upstate NY is getting some face time in the national news because of all the lake effect snow that has fallen this week. I received maybe a foot or more at my house and places in the northern part of the county have gotten maybe 2 or 3 feet. Just thirty miles or so north of us is where the real snowfall has buried Oswego County and parts east of Lake Ontario. Up to 120 inches (that's ten feet of white, powdery frozen water to you southerners) of new snow has been officially recorded in some areas of the North Country since last Sunday.

I also see that Miss Sue from Eagle Lake, Texas, sent my blog buddy Cookie some real beautiful photos of other parts of the country that are not buried under ten feet of snow. These photos make Cookie feel so much better after digging his weary, sorry ass out of a snow bank.

Now I admire the scenery and appreciate the stunning natural beauty of our great nation. And I appreciate the efforts of our dear southern friends to educate us of the benefits on living closer to the equator. But there are other aspects of southern living that we here in the Great White Frozen North do not enjoy. I have included some photos of these.

No one denies that upstate New York does get snow and a lot of it, and the temperatures are less than optimal from December through March. But maybe because of all the snow and cold we don't see a lot of other things, like illegal immigrants doing this:
Or this:
And we certainly don't see a lot of this while driving to work:

And we never see this charming vista:

Thank you, but I'll keep the snow.

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