Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stay Calm? Hell No!

This story in the WaPo shows how the Bush Administration is reacting to the vigorous and unrelenting protest against the prosecution and incareration of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Campean.

Support Swells for Agents Who Shot Drug Smuggler
Conservatives Lead Movement to Free Ex-Border Patrolmen

Early this week, the Bush administration urged angry conservatives to remain calm over the convictions of two former Border Patrol agents who shot an unarmed Mexican drug smuggler, but petitions for their release continued to flood the White House.

It did not help that one the lawmen, Ignacio Ramos, was attacked by Latino gang members in his cell at the Yazoo City Federal Correctional Complex in Mississippi and beaten bloody. Days after prison officials confirmed the beating on Feb. 8, Department of Homeland Security officials admitted that an inspector general's report erroneously quoted Border Patrol agents as saying Ramos and his partner, Jose Compean, intended to kill Mexicans.

The phrase, "erroneously reported," is Washington-speak for "lied." And why would the White House urge conservatives to remain calm? The reason is simple. We're in another presidential election cycle and there is money to be made pledged and collected.

If my heated remarks to the Republican fund raiser who called me last week are any indication of what they are facing, the White House has a lot to be worried about.

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