Saturday, February 03, 2007

More UN Asshattery

I read this at LC BlackisWhite's site and tried to comment on it. The new blogger crap popped up and I lost the comment, the site and everything else (curse you Google) so I decided to bring it home and post it here. Thanks BisW.

We got harangued on Friday with a report from the UN that states we're all gonna die in ten years or 100 years or so from the melting snowcaps and cross dressing polar bears. Now these tree-tonguing nutbags are finally showing their true colors. From the Globe & Mail:

PARIS — Hundreds of scientists, business leaders, and non-governmental organizations have called for a new United Nations agency to manage the environment.

The new agency would transform the existing UN Environment Program, into “a fully-fledged international organization that is genuinely universal,” French President Jacques Chirac told delegates to the Citizens of the Earth conference, which was organized by his government.

If you thought Operation Rescue Helpless Rwandans was a debacle, just wait until the Fwench and their European compatriots attempt to rescue the whole stinking planet. This should be good for at least 400 million deaths. The existing UN Environment Program should be transformed into an empty suite of offices.

“We know that humans are destroying, at an alarming rate, resources and balances that have enabled them to evolve and are determining their future,” he said. “We must admit to ourselves that we can no longer afford to be idle and that the risks and dangers are exacerbated with each passing day.”

If you were thrilled by the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty, you'll be overjoyed when Chirac and his minions cob together another UN fiscal black hole demanding bribes financial support.

Thought the UN's Oil for Food Program was bad? Just wait until the UN's "Dialing for BTU's" takes off. The energy/pollution credits will be up for grabs to the highest bidder like an emergency emasculation kit at a Rosie O'Donnell auction.

There is no excuse for us to resist this environmental movement because, well, Chirac says so.

Delegates at the meeting said UN efforts to protect the environment until now have been ineffective because of a lack of political commitment and because there is too much red tape. Mr. Chirac said the new organization would be a “strong voice with universal recognition.” It would assess environmental damage, monitor various agreements to protect the environment, and promote technology to protect ecosystems.

He also called for an international declaration that would make the right to a sound environment a universal human right. [Emphasis mine]

And there it is. If it is a right, then it must be enforced. Our parochial Bill of Rights is not enough. More, much more is needed. And our Supreme Court has already put into play the notion that they must take into consideration international laws during their deliberations. Whether or not it takes root is another matter, but all that is needed is a few democratic administrations making appointments to the bench; this could be reality.

Key world polluters — including the United States, China, India and Russia — steered clear of the proposed new agency, while Europeans embraced it. A total of 46 countries agreed to pursue plans for the organization, and to hold their first meeting in Morocco this spring.

Without naming the United States directly, Mr. Chirac expressed frustration that "some large countries, large rich countries, still must be convinced." They are "refusing to accept the consequences of their acts," he said.

I'm not surprised that we have been labelled as "key world polluters." But who is the world's worst polluter? If you go here it is the Australians, if you go here it is Ireland, if you go here it is the USA, if you go here it is the Chinese. Japan is bringing up the #4 slot and India is also in the mix. Go ahead and tell a billion Indians or a billion and a half Chinese that Al Gore only wants them to flush once with their brand new toilet.

Chirac has found himself a cheese eating hand puppet.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest, who was at the conference, said Quebec will support the new organization “whether Canada does or not.”

This putz has no authority to sign treaties. It's like Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer saying he's going to Russia to negotiate a nuclear nonproliferation treaty with Putin.

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