Monday, February 12, 2007

Another One Lost

As your kids grow up you see them learn from their experiences what the world is like and the decisions that people make that lead to tragedy. Sometimes it is an accident, a rare mishap, that ends a life. Other times it is a series of what the shrinks call bad behaviors (I call it character or lack thereof) that will cut short a life.

As I walked into the kitchen this morning to grab a cup of coffee, my daughter looked up from reading the paper and said, "He's dead. Someone shot Xavier." I couldn't even begin to guess who this was until she explained it to me.

Xavier Scott, 21, is a young black man that went to my daughter's high school. He did not graduate, instead finishing up at a center for troubled youth. My daughter knew him as he dated a friend of hers for several years.

Xavier's clueless mother, Shirely Mitchell, said that she had no idea that her son was having any trouble with anyone lately despite the fact that this is the second time that Xavier has been shot in the past four months. Last October he was shot in the leg.

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