Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Evil incarnate was invited to show his loathsome presense in San Francisco at St. Mary's College yesterday (28 JAN 09). He was greeted by those who are much less impressed by his contributions to society.

Bill Ayers, the former leader of the radical group The Weather Underground was interrupted several times. He quoted Dr. Martin Luther King and lectured on ethics and democracy, while a crowd outside called him a terrorist for his anti war activities.

"We will hound Bill Ayers to the gates of hell," said Melanie Morgan, from Move America Forward.

Hopefully it will be a short trip for this piece of filth. I hope some one nails a pound of bacon to his ass so that the hound finds him faster.

Ayers was charged with conspiracy to destroy government buildings, including the San Francisco park police station, in 1970, where a bomb killed a police sergeant.

"I think he's a loathsome despicable gutter crawling rat," said James Pera, a former San Francisco Police Officer.

The charges against Ayers were dropped because of illegal FBI surveillance.
"Now that's being blown into dishonest narratives about hurting people, killing people, planning to kill people. That's just not true. We destroyed government property," said Ayers.

"Did you make bombs?" asked ABC7 reporter Alan Wang.

"I'm just not going to talk about it," said Ayers.

Larry Grathwohl, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated The Weather Underground, claims Ayers told him where to plant bombs. He says Ayers was bent on overthrowing the government.

"The thing the most bone chilling thing Bill Ayers said to me was that after the revolution succeeded and the government was overthrown, they believed they would have to eliminate 25 million Americans who would not conform to the new order," said Larry Grathwohl, a former FBI agent.

Now if the same FBI agent instead had quoted a conservative radical who said that 25 million liberals would have to be eliminated in order to cleanse the nation, the MSM would be leading the pack screaming for his blood to be spilled. I truly doubt any college would be inviting him to speak at a forum.

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