Sunday, January 11, 2009

And The Beat Down Goes On

First, a video that demonstrates counter battery capabilities developed by the US Army. Just a few incoming mortar rounds are needed for devastating fire to be directed back at the source.

Another terrorist propaganda video turns into a country western song:

If you're watching this,
Shed no tears for me please.
'Cause the infidels have turned me into bloody cream cheese.

Second, the chief rocket scientist for Hamas is being fitted for his virgins after firing one too many munitions at the Israelis. As reported in the UK Times:

Amir Mansi, an engineer who commanded cells responsible for firing Grad rockets supplied by Iran, died after coming under attack from a helicopter.

Elton John should do a eulogy for this character. Mebbe something like "Rocketman"?

And I think it's gonna be a long long time,
Until my family finds my liver and spine.
I'm scattered all over from Gaza to the Seven Seas.
Oh no no no. I'm a busted rocket man!
Rocket man! You won't find anything above my knees!

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