Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gary Graham

There is a new, conservative, Hollywood based blog out there. It is called Big Hollywood and it is a creation of Andrew Brietbart. Here, conservative actors, screenwriters and other people who work in the entertainment industry can air their opinions. One of them is Gary Graham.

Gary has written a piece that is a must read. He is pissed!

I’m an American. This has always been my favorite label, but of late even that has seemed to mean less and less. Being called an American used to carry with it a certain pride and esprit de corps that now apparently is dated and passe. How else can one explain the rash of America-haters in our midst who only claim pride in America if a Leftist resides in the White House, and can only back a war effort if the decision to go to war was that of a Democrat.

I’m a Conservative. And I am also an actor who lives and works in Hollywood. Many of my friends advise me to keep that on the down-low, advise me to not speak up lest I scuttle any future employment prospects, so predominantly liberal is the entertainment biz. And yet I persist.

You see, I’m one pissed-off dude.

And so am I.

Read Gary's column. It is well worth the time.

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